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Graphic Design – Background Removal Service

A few years ago Black and White photography and themes were very popular. They were sophisticated and widely in use. The advent of smaller mobile device screens has however caused these to become a little less popular – difficulty in reading small text on tiny screens.

Graphic Design is an engaging activity that involves manipulation of images, text, backgrounds to project a powerful visual message. It requires creativity and technical knowledge – good designs ensure that you business paints an exact picture of your business.

In practice, graphic designer create logos, banners, images and other visual content that can be used on your website and within the business.

Themes, Backgrounds and Web Design

One of the key design aspects in web design is establishing theme. Given the complexity many graphic designers today make a living merging artistic concepts and functionality to produce captivating and useful themes.

Unfortunately, the theme you use on your web site may not always complement the images or graphics your business associates with the brand.

As part of our offering we work with clients to identify and implement the most suitable solution for your business and web site. We often advise clients to:

a. Edit the theme to accommodate brand colors
b. Undertake retouches on images and graphics – including background / foreground removal or editing.

Background Removal Services

Depending on the photo and theme in question this procedure can be a very simple yet effective solution.

Background Remove Procedure Solution - Graphics Design Service

Background Removal effective solution- Clipping Path Hut

In the image the brown background has been removed leaving just the chic sniper. While this procedure may not have done much to the photograph it will sit in much better with a colorful theme with strong emphasis on colors such as purple, blue, black, etc. The above Background Removal Services is one example of graphic retouches to accommodate a theme.

In other instances the theme is just fine but you need to remove annoying text, unnecessary information or cues that may be included in the image. Such services are often offered when your business is a reseller and your supplier has images with text, etc.

Background Remove Procedure Solution - Graphics Design Service

Background Removal E Commerce Customer – Clipping Path Hut

This is a better example of where background removal services are very necessary. Imagine you have an online store selling used furniture and you have this beautiful item and a photo from the previous owner. The background takes something from your picture and would serve you better if it was removed.

In specific cases you may even need to enhance the background. In too many cases online retailers follow advice on images too strictly. Plain backgrounds are great but it pays to avoid keeping things too bland.

Background Remove Ring Gold Solution - Graphics Design Service

Background Removal Service for Product Photo – Clipping Path Hut

In this example the plain white color appears to make an otherwise beautiful ring appear to be just another ring. These enhancements could mean a great deal especially when selling items such as jewelry and novelty gifts. Colors play a great deal in the manner in which we react to visual information. We have many years of experience and expertise that ensure themes, graphics, etc always work for you.

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