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Graphics Design Services for Success in Ecommerce

The internet is robust market place and everyone is inching for space to stay on top. A few years ago black and white photography was the cool way to go – today with tiny mobile screens they are not as popular.

Success in eCommerce requires action on many fronts and graphic design services is one of the most crucial. You may have heard that our brains function in such a way that visual information is processed faster and remembered much easier than text.

While graphic may not be your core competence ignoring trends could well be the most instrumental aspect to your poor performance. Graphic design is not just about being cool it is something like slang – contemporary language with all its pun, flair and imagery.

Tips for the Best Graphic Design in 2016

There is so much that goes into graphic design that we would barely scratch the surface in this blog. Some of the highlights should shed light on why you need the best graphic design services for success in eCommerce today.


When doing research for this blog these two logos jumped out. Let’s illustrate something you want to implement using these logo designs.

High Quality Graphics Design Service-Clipping Path Hut

High Quality Graphics Design Service-Clipping Path Hut

The Daily Deals logo is simple and not close to as artistic as the second. While the second logo may carry plenty of cultural significance it is poor – far as graphic design is concerned. Reason being it does not say anything of your business activity and is overly artistic. Your logos must convey a message about your business. This should always ride above any other considerations.


Another good idea when designing web site is to keep the font simple and easy to read. Research has shown that even with headers many artsy fonts can be very difficult to read.

Professional graphic designers suggest the use of simple modern fonts such as Ariel, Verdana – these are geometric, artistic and always easy to read.


This is a problem and can be much worse with the small screens on many mobile devices in use today. Clutter refers to visual congestion and could lead to pointless scrolling or leaving the page when the brain is unable to process excess information. In practice this would require leaving a reasonable amount of white space on each page.


Color can be very effective in drawing your reader’s attention to highlights on your website. Smart use of color in headings and navigation panes will alert the reader and make using the web site much easier.

This is an issue that has come into play owing to the variety of graphic content customers consume daily. With many people spending almost 10 minutes browsing daily, poor graphic content can be spotted a mile away – even by a novice. Graphic design does not have to be costly; you could simply have logos and the color scheme or theme done professionally.

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