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How to Improve your web site using Image editing Services

Did you know that fonts can be either fixed width or fluid? Fixed width fonts typically allow you 15- 20 words per line while fluid fonts may allow for more or less words per line. The rule of thumb for graphic design is to use a font that will allow 15 – 20 lines per line on a page of 900 x 1000 pixels.

Here are some tips that may change your opinion on using image editing services to improve your web site.

Clean, Crisp and Clear:

With over 50% of people using mobile devices to connect to the internet, it is clear why web design is a major concern today. It is not enough to have a responsive web site, it has to be easy to use regardless of the nature or screen size used to access the content.

Clarity can be greatly enhanced by pumping up the contrast by adjusting the brightness of the background or color. This creates an offset against text creating strong cut out effect – making things legible. Background adjustments can be complex requiring clipping and masking – best left for professionals skilled in image editing services for the web.

Professional Photo Editing-Graphics Design Service

Professional Photo Editing-Graphics Design Service

Use fonts that complement the theme:

Your website theme projects a note you want to complement throughout the website. Themes using cool colors project a friendly, energetic light and should always be used with complimentary fonts. Round faced fonts are just as friendly as the cool colors – select fonts that are the correct size and geometric.

For a sophisticated look you could use hard edged fonts such as Sans Serifs.

Create and maintain order:

Regardless of the theme you are using it is your job to maintain order throughout the website. Order is easy to maintain on a design project and may require use of margins, colors, headers, etc. The goal is to be consistent in using the same method to maintain order through your website.

Keep it Simple:

Do not forget the basics. Each element on your web site has its purpose – do not over utilize graphics. In keeping with this thought keep the variation in shapes, fonts, colors and frames to a minimum. Using contrasting text color (contrasting the background) ensures all your text remains easy to read and visible. Where possible use a solid frame to enhance your design – call out, call to action buttons, etc.

Image editing services:

In an earlier post we discussed photo retouching and cropping services. Statistics indicate that more and more people are spending time on the internet today.

Globally we can assume about 10 minutes each day –

that is a large amount of visual information. For best results ensure all images and graphics on your website are of great quality. Our skilled graphic design team will work with you to produce vibrant and contemporary graphics.

Visit our blog for more on our designs and tips for that elegant, sophisticated or colorful message that you are working communicate.

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