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Graphic Design – Photo Retouching Services

For many people selling items online getting good pictures can be a very daunting task. Consider the following scenarios:

• Selling second hand furniture
• Using old photos to bring back memories

In both the above scenarios you will often have to deal with old photos. This can be quite a problem given the allure of these photos is their age – you want it to stay looking old but clear.

Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching services is a complicated task that could bring life back to old and tattered photos you require.

Photo Retouching Service-Clipping Path Hut

Photo Retouching Service-Clipping Path Hut

In the image displayed here you have a small inset of the original photo – a bright colorful sunset.
The original is much less vibrant and would probably do a poor job of selling the idyllic sunset you mention in your blog.

Our skilled graphic designers have what it takes to enhance the correct tones and hues in your photo to enhance the vibrancy without losing any of the original detail. That is not forgetting removal of blemishes, folds/creases that may have affected the original photo.

Photo Retouching Service Colorful Photo-Clipping Path Hut

Photo Retouching Colorful Photo-Clipping Path Hut

In the photo on the above our graphic design uses tools to create an effect to enhance the subject. Imagine this is a photo you took while on holiday in the UK and you would like to use it as your profile picture on social media – you work as a travel agent and seasoned traveler.

Your years of experience have little to do with the field background. The effect used to enhance your face mimics a camera zooming in on a specific point and blurring the background. This alone not only maintains the image quality, it says something of your level of understanding where graphics are concerned.

Our photo retouching services will ensure you post photos that are much richer and provide viewers an even better visual treat.

Thanks to advanced graphic design tools you can with the proper know how perform magic on old photos.

Magic Photo Retouching-Graphics Design Service

Magic Photo Retouching-Graphics Design Service

In this photo you have a person on a street at night. The original could well have had scratches and creases.

The creases and scratches can be removed but you could do a little more. It is hard to tell that there was NO snow falling when the picture was taken. The advanced image manipulation tools can be used to inject this into the photo giving it a new lease of life. The snow effect will also very cleverly mask any blemishes that may have been missed while retouching the first time.

To sum it up, we offer all clients the best advice to enrich and restore all photos to their original or better. This is because one of the main goals of graphic design is to display the product/service in the best light possible. We have a wide range of services at an affordable price that you could gain from to improve or restore photos and graphics.

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